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Розробка уроку з англійської мови

Вчителя англійської мови


загальноосвітньої школи І-ІІІ ступенів №1

Присяжнюк Ірини Володимирівни

The healthier we are, the better we feel

The better we feel, the longer we live

So why not take care of ourselves
Тема: Охорона здоров’я

Мета: Активізувати лексичні одиниці теми;

продовжувати розвивати комунікативні вміння учнів;

удосконалювати техніку читання;

розвивати вміння усного мовлення;

виховувати усвідомлення важливості здорового способу життя;

^ Тип уроку: Урок закріплення знань, умінь та навичок

Комплекс методів: Фронтальні, групові

Обладнання: Підручник, зошит, картки для індивідуальної роботи,

прислів’я про здоров′я, кружечки рожевого, жовтого і синього кольорів,




1. Привітання

T: Good morning, boys and girls! Nice to see you in good health today. How are you?

^ 2. Введення в іншомовну атмосферу.

Let’s say something good to each other. Take this apple and wish something good to your friend. I’ll start “Ann, I wish you to get a good mark today”.

P1: I wish you to be in a good health

P2: I wish you to have many friends

^ P3: I wish you to be happy

P4: I wish you to be optimistic

P5: I wish you to learn something new today

P5: I wish you to be good at reading today

P6: I wish you to be good at speaking today

P7: I wish you to be in a good mood today

P8: I wish you to get a present today

P9: I wish you to read an interesting book today

P10: I wish you to watch your favourite film today

P11: I wish you to play with your friends today

P12: I wish you to go to the party today

P13: I wish you to cook your favourite dish today

P14: I wish you to have only positive emotions today

P15: I wish you that your dream come true

^ 3. Повідомлення теми та мети уроку.

T: This apple will be the symbol of our lesson. Let’s continue our lesson. Look at the blackboard. The motto of out lesson is written on it. Let’s read it and try to guess what are we going to speak about today.

^ Ps: We are going to spear about health.

T: Yes, you are right. The topic of our lesson is “Healthy Life Style”. So, today we’ll speak about our health and about what we should do to be healthy.

ІІ. Основна частина уроку.

^ 1. Визначення стану свого здоров′я.

T: Are you healthy? Let’s check. All of you have three different circles. Listen to me and choose the colour of your health, go to the board and stick it .

Pink: - if you seldom fall ill during the year and seldom miss lessons – you’re healthy;

Yellow: - if you fall ill mostly during the epidemies – you’re healthy in some way;

Blue: - if you often fall ill during the year and miss your lessons – your health is in danger.

(учні обирають колір, виходять та прикріплюють на дошку)

T: I see… Today we’ll discuss what should we do to be always healthy.

^ 2. Повторення й активізація лексичного матеріалу теми.

T: Let’s begin with some words and phrases:

Health – healthy – a healthy way of life


to keep fit


to keep to a diet


to cough


to consult a doctor


to go in for sports


to spend much time outdoors

to take vitamins

to laugh

blood pressure

to eat fruit

the doctor

to sleep enough

to think about health

to smile

T: Repeat the words after me.

^ 3. Подання тексту для читання

T: Now let’s read the text and your task is to analyze this text marking it with some signs:

+ you know this piece of information

– it doesn’t match your ideas

? you want to know more about this thing

v this piece of information is new for you.

Учні читають текст.


Good health is not something we are able to buy at the chemist’s and we can get back with a quick visit to the doctor when we are ill. We often ruin our health by poor diet, stress, a bad working environment, and carelessness. By keeping fit, changing bad habits or the surrounding conditions we can make our body last without major problems. And what are the ways to keep fit?

First of all you must miss no chance of outdoor activities. Skating or skiing in winter and swimming in summer must become part of your everyday life. Second, exercise. You must exercise whenever you can – in the morning or in the evening. Third, regular meals. Try to avoid going without any food for hours.

The Romans spoke of health in a proverb: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.” In addition to physical health, an understanding of mental health is also important. The body does a great deal to take care of itself, but by learning a few important health rules, it is possible to help the body to work at its best.

Nowadays, health specialists promote the idea of wellness for everybody. Wellness means achieving the best possible health within the limits of your body.

The English people in the 1990’s have become very concerned about their health. In fact, fitness has become almost a national obsession. In large cities and small towns alike, people jog regularly, join sports teams and go to health clubs and Fitness Centers to work out.

T: Now let’s discuss the text and do some exercises.

Робота із листом завдань

^ 1. Translate some words from Ukrainiаn into English.

Кататися на лижах та ковзанах взимку

регулярно бігати підтюпцем

спортивна команда

турбуватися про стан свого здоров’я

виконувати фізичні вправи

змінити шкідливі звички

бути у хорошій фізичній формі

регулярний прийом їжі

тренуватися у фітнес-клубах

^ 2. Fill in the missing words.

1. We ruin our ________ by poor diet, _________, a bad working environmental carelessness.

2. You mustn’t miss ___________ activities, ___________, and regular__________.

3. Health specialists promote the idea of _______________ for everybody.

4. Fitness has become a ______________________________ for English people.

5. People _____________ regularly, __________ sports teams and go to_______________ to work out.

6. __________ is not something we are able to buy at the chemists.

7. You must __________ in the morning and in the evening.

8. A ___________ mind in a ______________ body.

3. Do a test.

1. The text is about:

a) how to be fit;
b) about different kinds of sport;
c) about illness and health.

2. Health is

a) something we are able to buy at the chemist’s;
b) not important in people’s life;
c) something we should take care about.

3. The main reasons of poor health are

a) poor diet, stress, a bad working environment, and carelessness;
b) exercises and outdoor activities;
c) regular meals and smoking.

4. The English people

a) are concerned about their health;
b) do not go in for sports;
c) do not pay too much attention to their health.

5. What are the ways of keeping fit?

a) outdoor activities, exercises, regular meals;
b) carelessness, smoking and drinking;
c) doing aerobics, eating sweets and sleeping too much. .

T: Now let’s read the text one more time without translating.

Учні читають текст ще один раз

T: Now, let’s work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.

  • How do we ruin our health?

  • What is good health for you?

  • What are the main ways of keeping fit?

  • When can you exercise?

  • What famous proverb of Romans about health do you know? Do you agree with it?

  • How can you help yourself to keep fit?

  • What does wellness mean?

  • How do English people keep fit?

  • Is fitness important in our life?

T: Now put the sentences in the right order according to the text.

The ideas of health specialists.

Ways of keeping fit.

How English people take care about their health.

The reasons of poor health.

The importance of physical and mental health.

^ T: You have done a great work.

4. Relaxation.


T: We all need to exercise. Even if you don’t plan to make a career in sport you still have to practice. Let’s do exercise. It makes you feel and look better. The best exercise is one which involves in repeated movements. Bending and stretching will add flexibility and feeling of lightness. Who wants to be a fitness instructor..

Учень, який зголосився бути фітнес-інструктором, проводить фітнес-хвилинку під сучасну музику.

5. Аудіювання.

T: Let’s continue our lesson. Listen to the dialogue.

^ Учні слухають діалог.

Alex : Hi, Steve. You look fantastic. I haven’t seen you for a long time and you haven’t changed a bit. You really look healthy.

Steve: I guess I do. I get a cold not more often than once in 2 or 3 years. I never suffer from anything.

Alex: No headaches, backaches, pains in the stomach?

^ Steve (laughs): No, and my legs don’t hurt; and my arms don’t hurt either.

Alex: Do you think that’s because of your diet or the exercise you take?

Steve: I don’t know. I like food, and I eat healthy food, fruit and vegetables. And I like fish and meat as well as sour cream and cottage cheese. I eat bread and pancakes but don’t like sweets. So, I can’t say I keep to a diet.

^ Alex: No, you can’t. Do you take regular exercise?

Steve: Not enough. My work keeps me busy. It’s only in summer when I can play volleyball, swim and ride a bicycle.

Alex: Do you do any winter sport?

Steve: No, I don’t, but I walk a lot. By the way I don’t smoke and never drink alcohol.

Alex: Great !

T: Work in pairs and answer the questions on your cards.

1) How often does Steve get cold?

2) Does he suffer from any pains?

3) Does Steve keep to a diet?

4) Does Steve take regular exercise? What is his all year round exercise?

5) What else helps Steve to keep fit?

^ P1: Steve gets a cold not more often than once in 2 or 3 years.

P2: He doesn’t suffer from anything.

P3: Steve doesn’t keep to a diet. But he eats healthy food, fruit and vegetables. He likes fish and meat as well as sour cream and cottage cheese. He eats bread and pancakes. But he doesn’t like sweets.

P4: Steve doesn’t take regular exercise. Only in summer he can play volleyball, swim and ride a bicycle. But he walks a lot.

P5: He doesn’t smoke and never drink alcohol.

^ 6. Розвиток умінь мовлення.

T: Now we can reproduce speaking skills in dialogues. Each pair will be given a dialogue, your task is to insert the words from Word Bank correctly in the dialogues and reproduce them.

Dialogue 1

Word Bank: caught a cold, feel, well, cough, is running, prescribed, pills, recover

  • Hi, Steve!

  • Hi, Peter!

  • How do you…today?

  • Not…

  • What happened?

  • I… I have a headache, … and my nose… .

  • Did you go to the doctor?

  • Yes, of course. He… me much.

  • What exactly?

  • To go to the chemist’s and buy …, to take them twice a day.

  • And when will you …, how do you think?

  • In doctor’s opinion, in a week.

  • I wish to recover as soon as possible. Bye!

  • Bye!

Dialogue 2

Word Bank: prescribe, terrible, broke, gypsum, to walk, fruit and vegetables, month

  • Hello, Nick!

  • Hello, Sam!

  • You look… What happened with you?

  • I rode a bike and fell from it. And I … my leg.

  • As I see you visited the doctor. You have … on your leg. Is it difficult to walk?

  • Yes. I try not… much.

  • What did the doctor … you?

  • To sit at home, to walk a little and to eat many… .

  • When did you come to school?

  • In a … .

Dialogue 3

Word Bank: stomachache, tongue, pulse, temperature, hurts, x-ray, eat, potatoes, spoil

Doctor. What’s the matter?

Patient. I have a strong … Help me, please.

^ Doctor. First, let me look at your… , feel your… and check your…

Patient. Can you do it quickly? It … very much.

Doctor. You need to go to the … room immediately. I must see what happened with your stomach.

Patient. I have pains in it very often.

Doctor. What do you usually …?

Patient. I like eating very much. I enjoy fried meat, fried … and many sweets.

^ Doctor. Oh, that’s impossible. You can’t eat so much fat food. It will … your stomach.

Patient. What should I eat?

Doctor. First no meat at all, more fruit and vegetables and fish and milk products, but fat.

Patient. OK. Have I something serious?

Doctor. No, but you can, if you will continue eating so hard food.

^ 7. Робота в парах

T: Now let’s continue our work.. You can see stripes of paper on your desks. Your task is to match the parts of proverbs and read them.

Health is above

keeps the doctor away.

Early to bed and early to rise


Eat to live,

with eating.

An apple a day

not live to eat.

Appetite comes

makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

A healthy mind

than sorry

Eat at pleasure,

in a healthy body

Better to be safe

drink with measure.

^ 6. Розвиток умінь письма

T: Dear children! A proverb says “A apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Think a little and make up the Rules of Healthy Life. In other words what the main components of the healthy way of life are. Use these apples to write down your rules. You have 5 min.

Учні записують правила здорового способу життя на аркушах паперу у формі яблука.

T: And now I’d like you to make the Healthy Tree. Read your Rule of Healthy Life and stick it on the tree.

P1. Be Clean.

P2. Eat Healthy.

P3. Drink Water.

P4. Rest. Get plenty of rest and sleep.

P5. Exercise.

P6. Avoid alcohol and tobacco use.

P7. Make time for yourself.

P8. Get regular check ups at the doctor and dentist.

P9. Practice safety in all that you do.

P10.An active life position.

P11.Keep positive emotions and optimism.

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку.

1. Підведення підсумків уроку

T: -All of you are right. In order to stay healthy it is important to have a balanced diet .

Do sports!

- Be active in life. Put aims and achieve them!
- Be optimists! Believe in future and hope for the best, see only positive sides of life. Try to take and give positive emotions!

And now I want to give you certificates that certify that you are the citizens of the planet “Health”.

Your marks are…

2. Домашнє завдання

T: Your homework for the next lesson will be to write a composition “My Health is in My Hands”.


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