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Ukraine, 15 21 of May 2009

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Ukraine, 15 21 of May 2009
Training Course "The Map of "

Map of “European citizenship”

Ukraine, 15 - 21 of May 2009


The context:

Training course for young people and youth leaders from rural areas with limited access to information about values of European society, non-formal education and exchange of knowledge. The participants will be from the EU countries and non-EU European countries.

The main aim of the training course is to share knowledge and train young people and/or youth leaders involved in work of youth organizations which deal with young people with fewer opportunities (geographical, cultural, social, economical disadvantages).

Next to this we want to work on a European network, building “youth” bridges, establish new contacts and partnerships. Also the possibility to step out of the daily work situation and to be among equivalent people can stimulate the process of positive thinking and influences, it will be easier to give feed back and it can help to give an identity to the work field and there problems.

The purpose:

  • to help participants match geographical map of Europe and map of “European Citizenship”.

  • to give the participants to understand their importance and possibility to construct the future of Europe.

  • to help understand European values: gender equality, cultural diversity, involvement of people with fewer opportunities.

  • to show the opportunities to participate in different European youth programs which promote intercultural learning, encourage personal growth, develop leadership skills and cooperation.

  • to attempt to work on European networking

  • to develop and share ideas with each other

  • to exploring the possibility of developing projects with a European dimension

  • to stimulate participants to exchange ideas and develop proposals for future projects

  • to share knowledge about European youth work

The objectives:

* to develop skills and knowledge in the context of the European citizenship and the youth


* to take part in discussions with professional colleagues

* to have the opportunity to exchange information and experiences

* to share ways of working and develop new techniques

* to learn about participating organizations

* to develop co-operation across Europe

* to set up projects together.

Working methods:

The methodology used in this training is based on experiential learning and learning-by-doing. Theory will be combined with interactive, practical work, methods are dynamic and urge active involvement of participants into the course schedule. The willingness of learning new skills, sharing knowledge and experience from the applicants are important tools to achieve the objectives. The methods employed over the 6 days of the visit will be:

* visual presentations;

* group work, group discussions and brainstorming;

* study visits;

* group debates.


The participants are leaders of youth NGOs and youth workers.

The questionnaire will be designed during the preparation meeting where potential participants will have the following criteria: work experience with youth; high motivation; possibility and ability to spread training results.

To succeed in our aims and objectives we accept only partners with a mandate from there organizations to make concrete agreements with other organizations. They should be able to attend the full duration of the seminar

We will not accept adventurers, EVS volunteers, travelers, groupies, treasure hunters, vagabonds, holiday makers and self-seeking personalities.


15th till 21th of May 2009, five full working days, two days for travelling.

Donetsk, Ukraine


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